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We currently are only accepting Members through Insurers, Employers, and Healthcare Systems.

VirtuALZ offers ongoing dementia care support via phone, email, and text, guidance on diffusing difficult dementia-related behaviors while providing access to available resources, care strategies and best practices. 

VirtuALZ is a partner in your caregiver journey. By working together to monitor one's vital signs, the VirtuALZ team can play a role in uncovering a potential underlying condition before it becomes a crisis; allowing you peace of mind. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Guidance on diffusing difficult dementia-related behaviors

  • Discuss care strategies with a registered nurse

  • Trained professionals at your fingertips

  • Access to the latest resources and information


Frequently Asked Questions 

How is VirturALZ different from a help line?

VirtuALZ is designed to be your long-term care partner. Our Dementia Care Team gets to know you, your loved one, your personal situation, your loved one's health history and what works and does not work for your family.

Do I need to switch my loved one's physician if I enroll them in VirtuALZ?

No. VirtuALZ is an extra layer of dementia care support and has no affiliation with any physician's group.

My loved one lives alone. Can I still enroll them in VirtuALZ?

Yes, you can enroll them in VirtuALZ.

What if my loved one is having a medical emergency?

VirtuALZ is not designed to handle medical emergencies. If you find yourself in an emergency call 9-1-1

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