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Healthcare Groups are under constant pressure to do more with less. This leads to high levels of stress, burnout, and ultimately turnover. 


By partnering with VirtuALZ, Healthcare Groups can get relief through the addition of our Care Navigation services designed to support Caregivers charged with navigating healthcare systems and making critical healthcare decisions.  Leading to higher utilization of offered services and resources at the right time in the care continuum. 


We focus on proactive relationships with Caregivers aligned to support them and diffuse the difficult day-to-day challenges they face. This relationship can reduce unnecessary and costly visits to the hospital, urgent care, emergency room and doctor while increasing utilization of services.


The VirtuALZ Care Team includes social workers, registered nurses, and care navigators who provide valuable support to a Caregiver which contributes to reduced stress and provide better care.

Benefits to Healthcare Groups

  • Increased Utilization of Services

  • Reduced Team Fatigue

  • Reduced Costs/Increased Revenues

  • Member Retention

Become a Partner, we make it Easy!

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To learn more about our program and the full benefit of being a VirtuALZ employer partner, please contact Us 

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