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26% of Americans are informal caregivers, while 59% of Americans have a chronic illness. These figures translate to the workforce as well.  Working caregivers or those with chronic illnesses, face the additional stress of balancing the needs of care with their job requirements; this leads to various performance-related issues.  


By partnering with VirtuALZ, employers can take an essential step in providing a much-needed benefit for a significant percentage of their employees. The VirtuALZ Care Team provides professional recommendations, support, resources, and referrals to employees and employee caregivers, leading to a better life for themselves and their families.

We focus on proactive relationships with employees and employee caregivers to support them and diffuse the difficult day-to-day challenges they face. This relationship can reduce absenteeism, turnover, medical costs, and stress.

The VirtuALZ Care Team includes social workers, registered nurses, and care navigators providing invaluable support to employees and employee caregivers, contributing to better outcomes and greater impact.

Benefits to Employer and Employee

  • Increased Engagement

  • Increased Productivity 

  • Increased Wellbeing 

  • Reduced Absenteeism

  • Reduced Stress 

  • Reduced Turnover

Become a Partner, we make it Easy!


To learn more about our program and the full benefit of being a VirtuALZ employer partner, please contact Us 

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