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Our Story 

VirtuALZ was formed through a partnership with the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers to expand the reach of GLENNERCARE™, a virtual program developed to support family Caregivers of loved ones with dementia. To date, the program has been effective in delivering outstanding support to Caregivers while reducing hospitalizations and ER/urgent care visits of loved ones.


VirtuALZ embraced the rich history of the Glenner organization through the thoughtful adoption of GLENNERCARE™ programmatic elements while expanding the service-centric approach to Caregiver support.  Realizing an immense need to support those dealing with health issues and chronic illnesses as well as an extremely stressed healthcare system, in 2023, VirtuALZ shifted its focus to supporting Care Management programs for insurers, healthcare groups, and employers, allowing our team of professionals to reach more of those in need.


We work with organizations to increase performance and reduce costs while enhancing the standard of care delivered to their populations.


"When I first learned about VirtuALZ, I knew it would be a game changer. The need for caregiver support is significant and snowballing. Our partnership with the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, has been instrumental in bringing VirtuALZ to life.  Adopting the GLENNERCARE™ program and methodology, gave us the foundation needed to support the caregivers of those with dementia-related illnesses. We have since migrated to supporting the care management needs of Insurer, Provider, and Employer populations. There is no greater reward than helping those in need.”

Robert Gregoire, CEO


Empathy: Conduct interactions and activities with compassion.  


Integrity: Deliver  support with uncompromising honesty, discretion, and professionalism.  


Well-BeingEncourage wellness and quality of life for those receiving direct support. 

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