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How to Survive Being in the Sandwich Generation and Back-to-School

Sandwich Generation Caregivers often feel isolated by the modern demands of parenting and the decline of their loved one over 65. The need to make the best decisions for both impacts their personal choices to care for themselves.

Now that Back-to-School season is here, getting the kids ready is no easy feat between shopping for supplies, new school clothes, and new schedules.

With new schedules come new demands. Here are a few tips to survive back to school:

  1. Meal Prep school lunches for your kiddos – Prepping and pre-packing the healthy items one day a week for lunch boxes can eliminate the daily need to pack a new lunch every morning.

  2. A Family Calendar – having a calendar listing medical appointments, deadlines, field trips, days for grocery shopping, etc.

  3. If your kids are in elementary school – communicate with the teacher – you don’t have to share in-depth details, but letting them know that you are taking care of your children and a loved one allows them to understand and support your kids and you.

  4. Prepare for the new routine before school starts – if bedtimes change for the summer, try introducing the school year bedtime routine before school begins making the transition a bit easier.

  5. Talk about the school year coming with your kids and loved ones – Talking about the new schedule doesn’t have to be a deep conversation. Sprinkling in the talk about school and what the schedule will be like when school starts helps everyone prepare for the change. Allow for questions and answer them honestly.

Changes to a schedule can be jarring at first, but with a plan, reasonable expectations, and the willingness to be flexible when something changes last minute, you can and will survive back to school.


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