How VirtuALZ Can Support Your Network

Whether your loved one lives at home or in an assisted living facility, VirtuALZ will support the member and their Caregiver, as long as the Caregiver is listed and authorized to access support.

With the average cost of an assisted living private room being $290 a day, the support provided to Caregivers from VirtuALZ can reduce prolonged, avoidable hospitalizations. Available staff and resources can be limited and VirtuALZ can fit seamlessly into the fabric of your community providing added support, resources, and information.

We work with organizations to reduce costs, while increasing the standard of care to benefit their membership, as well as assisting individual Caregivers needing guidance and support.

To date, the program has been effective in delivering outstanding support to Caregivers while reducing hospitalizations and ER/urgent care visits of loved ones.