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Assisted Living


By joining the VirtuALZ network your organization will be leading the charge in innovative Alzheimer's disease and dementia care.


The VirtuALZ Care Team provides professional recommendations, support, resources and referrals to any Caregiver of someone living with Alzheimer's disease or Dementia without requiring the patient to leave the privacy and safety of their assisted living facility.

We focus on partnerships with the Caregivers in your assisted living facility to support them and diffuse the difficult day-to-day challenges they face, thus reducing unnecessary and costly visits to the hospital, urgent care, emergency room and doctor.


The VirtuALZ Care Team includes social workers, registered nurses, and care navigators who provide valuable support to a Caregiver which contributes to reduced stress and better care for the patient. 


Contact us to learn more about how your organization can become a partner in leading the charge to support the Caregivers of those living with Alzheimer's disease or a dementia related diagnosis.

Benefits of Membership

  • Increase in employee retention

  • Increase in no-cost quality referrals

  • Increase in resident stay

  • Reduced Caregiver stress


Frequently Asked Questions 

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How does VirtuALZ work with Assisted Living Facilities?

Through enrolling the patient in our program. As long as they have enrolled a Caregiver in your facility can receive support. 

What if a new resident is already a member of VirtuALZ?

Great! Your team will still be able to access support for that resident.

Who pays for VirtuALZ?

Assisted living facilities can partner with VirtuALZ to become a direct service provider.

Can we retain our brand if we partner with VirtuALZ?

Yes, the program is not replacing your services. It's here to support the Caregiver.

Let's Get Started 

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