Announcing VirtuALZ

Updated: Mar 2

VirtuALZ is a new and innovative program that supports caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

VirtuALZ is a virtual Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia care service. The VirtuALZ Care Team will connect with the Caregiver to provide compassionate, informative, supportive care and resources as they navigate this very personal journey.

When a non-emergency issue arises at home and you feel overwhelmed and confused, you will have access to the VirtuALZ Care Team of experts. Our trained team of professionals will assess your situation over the phone and will then offer you recommendations, support, and referrals. The VirtuALZ Care Team can arrange a video conference call with the patient’s Primary Care Provider if warranted.

The VirtuALZ program is designed to build a connection between the Caregiver and our VirtuALZ Care Team of experts. Through this connection our team will remain well informed of the Caregiver’s specific situation and needs and will be proactive in providing solutions, resources, and support to decrease the number of potential crisis situations.