Care Plan vs. Caregiver Success Plan

Updated: Mar 2

How are they different?

Once someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, it is important to develop a Care Plan. This can include assessments, diagnosis, management of behavior and symptoms, interventions, and outcomes. While its development can ease the responsibility placed on the Caregiver, the plan and its strategies will focus on the person with the memory loss. These plans are often developed with a medical professional or social worker to ensure strategies and support are in place to transition through each stage.

A Caregiver Success Plan is focused on providing resources, information, help and support to the Caregiver of one with Alzheimer’s Disease and/or Dementia. The progression of the disease can take its toll on both the patient and Caregiver. The VirtuALZ Care Team is here to provide support to the Caregiver to help alleviate the potential of depression, anxiety, extreme frustration or even burnout.

Anticipating the needs of Caregivers is one of our purposes. We aim to partner with the Caregiver as they serve their loved one making this journey less stressful, more meaningful, and as healthy as possible.