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What is Burnout and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

You've seen the headlines lately. They read something like this, "Burnout is on the Rise." Burnout has been the topic of conversation for nearly three years, but what is it?

According to Psychology Today, burnout is the "state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress."

But how does this relate to Caregiving?

Caregivers take on the responsibility of navigating the world for their loved one and themselves. Caregivers often forget to take care of their own needs or are limited in prioritizing their needs in a particular season of life.

Burnout can be temporary and remedied through thoughtful action, changes, and adaptations for those affected. But what about long-term stress and its effects? What happens when you are experiencing stress over an extended period?

Burnout can lead to emotional exhaustion, a loss of satisfaction, and detachment. If you or someone you love has been feeling a sense of failure, self-doubt, helplessness, a sense of being trapped by your circumstances, or a loss of motivation, you may be experiencing burnout.

When one is a Caregiver, the stress of this role can negatively impact both the Caregiver and the one they care for.

As a member of VirtuALZ, your VirtuALZ Care Navigation Team will help and support you through the challenges you face on your Caregiving journey. Our proactive approach aims to provide the care, resources, and help you need to avoid Caregiver burnout and crises.

As a VirtuALZ member, you will have a Registered Nurse, Social Worker, and Care Navigator on your Team who will get to know your individual circumstances. Your Care Navigation Team is available during regular business hours to answer questions, offer resources, be a liaison for your doctor appointments, support you, and so much more.

You can learn more about becoming a member here.


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